Coupon Codes & Discounts

Thank you for your interest in our products! We offer a few ways that you to get discount codes and coupons, and even a way where you can get a free air freshener.

1. Join Our Mailing List

Join Our Mailing List – You will instantly get a coupon code good for $1.25 off your order and get the rare mailing that will have discounts & special pricing for holidays or other special events. You can stack this coupon on some of the other discounts.

2. Follow Us On Instagram

Just follow us on Instagram, and send us a message. We will reply to the message with a discount code for $1.25 Off your Order. You can stack this coupon on some of the other discounts.

3. Tag Us on Instagram when you get your order.

Once you get your order, if you post a photo of it on Instagram and tag us we will send your a special code for $2.50 off a future order. You can even stack this coupon with some of our sales and other coupon codes.

4. Get a discounted or Free Air Freshener:

We have our Refer a Friend program where you can get $2.50 credit every time one of your referrals orders an air freshener. This means if 5 of your friends buy an air freshener, you have $12.50 in your account and can get a free one. Here is the link to the program.  You need to be an existing customer in order to have access to this program.

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